【CGTN】 Vice Premier Liu He: A New Structural Transformation

发布时间:2018-11-1 9:26:00 来源:CGTN



On Oct. 19 Chinese Vice-Premier Liu said that the country will strive to maintain steady economic growth and properly ward off financial risks with the macro leverage ratio kept relatively stable.


Does the economy fluctuation matter though? Can we lay the whole blames at President Trump storm? Are we heading for financial crisis? If so, how will government intend to steer the ship out to common water?


To discuss the above issues and hopefully more, I enjoyed the studio by Wang Huiyao, President of Center for China and Globalization (CCG),  Andy Mok, Founder and managing director of Red Pagoda Resources, and Jeffrey Towson, Proffesor of Peking University.

From CGTN, 2018-10-20